Kenji Takoyaki, why is it our favorite?

Takoyaki is a Japanese street snack that originated in the city of Osaka. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Osaka to try them– because Kenji Takoyaki is here to satisfy your takoyaki cravings!

These takoyakis are so delicious! The outsides are just a touch crispy and the inside batter is seasoned, soft, and kind of gooey that melts in your mouth. The sauce and mayo on top adds another layer of flavor. They’re super savory and full of umami, it is really the perfect bite!

We were able to try two flavors from their product offerings– Their Premium Takoyaki and Cheese Overload! I mean, who doesn’t love a classic premium takoyaki right? And of course, who isn’t a fan of cheese?! We have nothing to say but compliments for these!

Their Premium Takoyaki is loaded with fillings and toppings! Imagine a takoyaki ball topped with a huge amount of takoyaki sauce, bonito flakes and nori.. So satisfying, it will surely make your belly full afterwards!

Aside from their Premium Takoyaki, we also got to try their Cheese Overload! It’s basically a tako ball topped with so much cheese sauce, japanese mayonnaise, and pork floss! Yep, you heard it right, it has a huge amount of pork floss toppings in it! 

All cheese lovers, you have to try this one because for sure you can finish the entire box! Kidding aside, it’s so filling that after munching on a few tako balls, my tummy is so satisfied and full already!

Kenji Takoyaki is located in Buenamar Drive Novaliches Quezon City. Visit them on instagram or facebook @KenjiTakoyakiOfficial and you can also message them thru 0927-911-1421! They are operating 24 hours!

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