WASTO: A Sustainable Solution to Plastic Pollution

Ecohomeart’s WASTO project is revolutionizing the furniture industry by transforming plastic waste into unique and sustainable furniture pieces. By sourcing plastic waste from various locations, such as landfills and oceans, WASTO is helping to reduce plastic pollution while creating high-quality furniture that is both functional and environmentally responsible. WASTO’s furniture […]

Sheraton Manila’s Staycay Your Way 2.0

We all need a break once in a while, and most of us opt to check in to hotels for a solid staycation. Good thing Sheraton Manila Hotel is now open for people who love to just chill in a hotel and just get that much needed break!  Sheraton Manila […]

5 Work from Home Essentials to be Productive!

These must-haves from Shopee will help you be more productive! A lot of us are working from our homes and we all know that sometimes we tend to get a bit wee lazy.. Maximize your efficiency at home with these products! Hydro flask Water Bottle Php 2590 Choose an insulated […]