WASTO: A Sustainable Solution to Plastic Pollution

Ecohomeart’s WASTO project is revolutionizing the furniture industry by transforming plastic waste into unique and sustainable furniture pieces. By sourcing plastic waste from various locations, such as landfills and oceans, WASTO is helping to reduce plastic pollution while creating high-quality furniture that is both functional and environmentally responsible.

WASTO’s furniture pieces feature a modern design aesthetic, with each piece carefully crafted by local artisans and craftsmen to meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability. From sofas and chairs to tables and lamps, WASTO offers a diverse range of furniture pieces that reflect the company’s commitment to ethical design practices and reducing plastic waste.

If you’re interested in seeing WASTO’s furniture pieces for yourself, you can visit them at the SMX Convention Center Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay City from March 9-12. This three-day event is the most anticipated gathering of Filipino interior designers and suppliers, where leading local brands and innovators converge to inspire and influence the future of design.

In conclusion, Ecohomeart’s WASTO project is an important step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable design practices. By supporting WASTO’s innovative approach to furniture making, customers can contribute to reducing plastic pollution in the environment while enjoying unique and sustainable pieces of furniture. WASTO’s commitment to ethical design practices and sustainability sets it apart from other furniture companies and makes it a top choice for customers who value both functionality and environmental responsibility.

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